Cobblestones are cubical pieces of natural stones with irregular dimensions. They are popularly known as Granite Setts/ Driveway cobbles/ Driveway cubes. 


Looking for a hard-wearing yet attractive passage 

Stone Universe Inc offers granite cobbles with a variety of colors and finishes to best suit the design requirements. Granite has been regarded as a prestigious material for ages and widely used in construction projects to embrace the elegance and quality. 

Granite is a hard and dense rock formed by several rich minerals. Thus, it is always the best option to choose granite as a natural stone driveway material. 


Create a rustic, old-world look with SUI’s Cobblestone Driveway

Replace your old brick driveway with natural building material suitable for low, medium and heavy traffic areas. Choose a natural stone supplier to pamper your outdoors with versatility. 

Aside from a driveway apron, these are widely applicable in the following areas:

  •  Pathways: Pathway is an essential part of the construction project. Cobbles paving stone installed on it will make your outdoor space more appealing. 
  • Cobblestone Street: Cobblestone landscaping on the street is more common in commercial areas. Such type of paving suits well on the heavily used streets. An ideal consideration because of its high traction on steep surfaces.
  •  Parking/ Garage: Granite cobblestones are meant to be load-bearing. Thus, suitable for garages and parking areas from where vehicles have to pass.
  •  Walkways: Its joints allow smooth passage of the water and make it anti-slippery for a comfortable walk. Cobblestone walkways give a perfect finish to the project. 
  •   Outdoor Paving Surfaces: Outdoor surfaces like patio portray the overall look of the place. Granite cobbles are the best landscaping material for making some change in your old fashion outdoor paving and help in creating unique landscaping design ideas. 
  •  Backyards & Front yards: A yard at the back and front of the house is the place where one can relax and forget all the worries. Natural stone flooring adds much more to it.
  •   Fire Pits: Well, it’s a new concept but yes! You can also apply natural stone driveway cobbles to the fire pit surroundings. A beautiful example of it is there in our photo gallery. Inspire and create beautiful outdoor fireplace ideas.

Don’t limit your imagination to only driveways, Granite cobblestone can be used in a number of ways. Building an outdoor kitchen by using granite cobblestones to cover the barbeque counter along with a slab as a countertop is an example. Granite cobbles are durable and bring a dignified look to your project.