Ledgestone or stack stone are strips of natural stone arranged uniformly on a mesh or concrete to form a veneer. The rectangular “Z” shape panels can be combined to form an interlocking wall cladding. It comes with matching "L" shaped 2-piece corner pieces to provide a beautiful finish on the edges. 

The interlocking feature makes it an easy task to install the individual pieces of a ledge on the wall. One can decorate their masonry projects as per their desire by utilizing these horizontal joints. 

Ledgestone panels and corners are rugged in the texture and also popular with the name ledger stone or stacked stone. 

Ledgestone installation provides a complete solution for the walls and is available with either cement or non-cement/ glue backing. Cement backing fixes on the masonry structures with the help of cement whereas non-cement backing stick with the chemical on the wall. Both of them are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and one can choose the color as per their desire. 


Thinking of constructing a new wall or reframing it..! 

Stone Universe – the natural stone supplier has a wide range of colors for various applications. Stone veneer panels & corners are as functional as they are advantageous. These can be easily applied to your walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, step risers, pillars & columns, and facade. 

•   Retaining Walls: Ledge stone wall panels are best suited for improving the appearance of a seat wall, sidewall or any other retaining wall. Convert your masonry walls into a decorative masterpiece with this real stone. Moreover, the wall caps application adds a unique charm to the boundary wall. 

•   Fireplaces: The wall-mounted fire feature is perfect for the winters to keep the surroundings warm. Stack stone fireplace mantel acts as an icing on the cake and creates an appealing look. One can also make use of slate ledgestone panels and corners to give a rustic look.

•   Outdoor Kitchens: Barbeque is an integral part of an outdoor living surface. Natural ledger stone panels and corners are generally applied in front of the outdoor kitchen counters. Moreover, ledgestone installation is easy and simple.

•   Backsplash: A backsplash is a material used to cover the area between a kitchen countertop and the cabinets. This is an area of home décor where functionality and the visual appeal must come together. Natural stacked stones are resistant to the substances that could be splashed and can protect the wall Stone Slab along with ledge backsplash behind the sink gives a seamless finish to the kitchenette.

•   Freestanding Pillars & Columns: Freestanding columns and pillars are not aesthetically pleasing without a finishing touch. A column cap provides a finish of the masonry pillars & columns, while ledge stone beautifies the entire pillar or column.

•   Facade: Front facing is the point of attraction of any project, whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial place. The application of the Ledge stone veneer panel gives a captivating appeal to the viewers. 

•   Others: These natural stone supplies are also useful in making the living room, dining rooms and hall areas overwhelming.