Paver Jumbo 4 Size Pattern

What is Paver Jumbo Pattern?

Paver Jumbo Pattern is a combination of 4 different sizes of quadrilateral pavers. It comes in four dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12x24”, 24”x24” & 24”x36” with all edges are sawn to give a clean finish. These can be used to cover both interior and exterior flooring. 

Pavers are the flat square or rectangular pieces of natural stone popularly known as paving stones. All these pavers laid together in a particular pattern to cover the ground surface. Stone Universe offers paving stones in a variety of finishes and colors to suit your design project. 

Utility of Paver Jumbo Flooring Pattern

Whether you want surface covering in your commercial, residential, or industrial sectors, this four size jumbo pattern is perfect.                    

  • Pathways: The main benefit of a paver pathway or walkways is the aesthetic. A paver pathway makes a much stronger contribution to a home’s curb appeal. Even edging or an apron made of pavers can provide a dramatic upgrade. The natural stone pavers are excellent material for paving pathways.
  • Patio Flooring:  Patios are the focal point of outdoor living spaces, natural stone, when used for patios, can uplift the entire setting dramatically. The natural shades of pavers in the jumbo pattern and clean saw cut edges seamlessly fit into the patio flooring.
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds: Pavers can also be used to construct pool decks. The slip-resistant nature of the natural stones, the aesthetic appeal and the simplicity of the pattern integrates to a phenomenal outdoor living space.