Paver Random 3 Size Pattern

Paver Random 3 Size Pattern


Paver Random Pattern is a combination of 3 different sizes of dimensional pavers i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24”. The square or rectangular pieces of natural stone are available with sawn edges. The patterns are suitable for laying both interior/ exterior flooring. 

Also, popular with the name paver 3 size pattern used for developing various flooring ideas. Whether it’s about construction or reconstruction of residence or a commercial area, SUI’s pattern flooring is the best suitable option.  


Are you looking for a change in your outdoor surroundings? 

End up your search with SUI Paver Random 3 Size Pattern which will provide natural and graceful touch to the overall area. 

•    Pool Surroundings: Pool deck plays a significant role in magnifying the overall swimming pool surroundings. Thus, the application of these paving stones in the form of the pattern is best suitable.

•    Front yard/ Backyard: Yards consist of the outdoor entertainment area. So, make it more eye-catching by developing various flooring design ideas with a paver three size pattern.

•    Outdoor Grilling Stations: Paver random pattern is ideal for laying a floor in barbecues or outdoor kitchens because of their durability and longevity.  

•    Terrace Garden: The material need for terrace gardens must be a slip and moisture-resistant for constructing sidewalks. Various colors of this random pattern comply with the set standards for examining its slipperiness. 

•    Walkways/ Pathways: Walkways or pathways are the focal points in homes or any commercial location. Besides the flagstone application, one can also install this flooring and make your surface unique.

• Outdoor Patios: Patios are part of the outdoor entertainment area. The application of this landscaping material grab the attention of viewers and make a good impression on them.