A small and round natural stone made from the action of sand and water. Pebbles come in between the granules and cobbles. Simply, these are larger than granules and smaller than cobblestones.

Pebbles are smooth rounded stones used for decorative purposes. Commonly used as ground cover, it is used externally to create multi-textured pathways or walkways, garden mulch and decorate drains. Pebbles are flexible enough to be used indoors to decorate aquariums and pot plants.

Pebbles have been used for a variety of applications for ages.

 Nowadays they are becoming part of home construction projects due to their versatility of use. Pebbles can be used in a range of applications and can add earthy elegance to indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Stone Universe pebbles generally range between 1”-2” and available in various attractive colors to decorate the outdoor surroundings. Pebbles are sold in 40-pound bags. Besides landscaping, outdoor pebbles are a great option to enrich the decorative accent.



Pebbles also come under the paving category. When it’s about laying an outdoor area, one can consider pebble stones too. While choosing this natural stone, one should first keep the amount of traffic in mind.

Usually, pebbles lay perfectly on the area catching a small amount of traffic such as the garden passage or patio walkways. Besides, these can also apply to the pathways by applying a thin set of mortar.

Moreover, small pebble stones are most common on the driveway borders. To give an outline to the drive path one can make use of colorful pebbles.

  • Gardens: Stone pebbles are well known for creating a water-smart garden. Pebbles can be used to offer good even coverage and add a great color feature to these areas with uneven corners or eroding pathway.
  • Patio Flooring: Each stone can be set in mortar to highlight different patterns. Mortar acts like an adhesive and can hold the stone easily. Depending on how the small stones are laid acts as a creative factor. One can also mix and match the various colors and form a nice contrast.
  • Multi-Textured Walkways and Pathways: Pebbles can be used as a fill-in for a walkway or pathway and are great for use with stepping stones. Pebbles are used as fillers for grouts that compliments or contrasts your steppers with the walkway or pathway. Pebbles can also be mixed with other stones along the path to creating more texture and movement.
  • Planter Bed: Not only green plants but also pebbles play a great role in making a planter bed alluring. Application of these natural stones spread natural essence all around.
  • Water Stream/Aquariums: Do you have a small pond or a water stream in the outdoor oasis or an indoor aquarium? Pebbles are a great way to create an underwater landscape. Using different colors can be used to define spaces to highlight plants and other features.


Pebbles are specially designed to enrich the beauty of the landscape. Applying pebbles into residential or commercial locations can make it unique and stylish, along with bringing a certain earthiness to the design scheme. It serves multiple purposes as not only used for flooring but also as decorative elements. Walkways, driveways, patio passage are some common areas of application.