Rock Face Random 3 Size Pattern


Rock Face Random Pattern is an arrangement of three different sized rock face pavers to form a random pattern. The three different sizes 12”x12”, 12”x24”, and 24”x24” are distributed 17%, 17% and 66% in terms of area (sq.ft) to form the random pattern. The edges are rock face/ snapped/ chiseled contributing to the term “ Rock face” Random pattern.

Want to give a graceful touch to your outdoor living area! 

This pattern is tailored for landscaping. It is the flooring pattern that is going to impact the overall appearance of your space. Stone Universe random pattern for rock-faced pavers is available in limestone and sandstone that best compliments the surroundings. 


Enhance landscaping and architectural features of residential, commercial or industrial surroundings by laying SUI Rock Face Random Pattern. 

  •       Outdoor Patios: Outer area of the place is consistently exposed to weathering conditions and is more likely to get affected. This paving pattern is a great flooring option for the patio as it has a weather-resistant quality. With little maintenance, these paving can last a long time
  •      Backyard/ Front Yard: There are numerous color options available in this pattern which one can choose to transform the vacant space into a beautiful yard.
  •       Walkways/ Pathways: Only hard and dense material can accompany well at the time of laying walkways or pathways. This paving pattern is highly durable and long-lasting based on the data given by stone testing labs.
  •       Garden: Gardens and lawns are becoming today’s emerging trends. It gives a great look to the outdoor area. Thus, apply natural floor stone to create an alluring passage.

One of the most important decisions to make while choosing a paving material is the pattern or layout and the material to use. The pavers can be arranged in a number of different ways and a random pattern is one of the most popular choices. Natural stone rock face showcases a number of advantages befitting its wide use in paving landscapes. Stone Universe natural stone rock face random is the answer !!