A slab is a large flat rectangular piece of quarried natural stone used where grout joints dwindle the overall appeal of the structure. Slabs are generally used for making kitchen countertops and outdoor BBQs. The large surface portrays the elegance of natural stones.

Various manufactured stones are available in the market that mimics the look of stone. But, nothing can match the beauty and grace of natural stone. Stone Universe Inc slabs are available in a wide range of colors and types. The natural slab stone is available in sandstone, limestone, slate, and basalt. Each stone type has distinct character traits.


Want to give a new look to your outdoor kitchen? 


Want to make your countertop more fascinating? 

Stone Universe Inc offers a number of different types of the slab for both interior and exterior applications. It is useful for residential areas like a kitchenette, BBQ counters, bathroom vanities, top of cabinets, benchtops. It proves equally valuable for commercial spaces like reception counters, restaurant tables, and laboratories. 

Kitchen Islands: Kitchen islands have become a trademark for modern kitchens where the family can get together to relax and get together while cooking. It has a seating space around it and can include integral storage drawers or cabinets.

The increasing popularity of kitchen islands and natural stones has paved the way for natural slabs inside the kitchen. It beautifully combines function and style to become the focal point of your kitchen.

BBQ counters/ Outdoor kitchen: Barbecues are a significant part of outdoor entertainment and living. Natural stone slabs blend well along with the exterior environment, the large surface area of the slab can also act as a dine-in area where the grill is installed.

 Bathroom vanities and counters: Bathroom vanities and counters use are often exposed to shower water and no one likes to clean the water again and again. So, it’s better to opt for a stone that soaks water faster and keep the tops dry.

Cabinet top coverings: Retaining cabinets in the kitchen, lobbies, dressing rooms look incomplete unless they have a top covering. Natural stone slabs are used to elevate the look apart from providing a fantastic look, it gives you space where you can keep your belongings. 

Benchtops: Benches are present in the gardens, lawns, parks, streets or any other outdoor surfaces where one can sit comfortably. This weather-resistant natural stone provides a smooth surface that is suitable for benchtops.

Counter Tops : Natural stone slabs are used in kitchen and bathroom countertops where the grout joints of smaller size slabs dwindle the appearance of the surrounding environment. It is also used in reception counters which are a vital part of hotels, hospitals, and the front desk of a number of organizations. Instead of using glasses that pertain to high risk of brokerage, use material with high compressive strength.

Fire Mantels: Slab stone is popular for creating fireplace design ideas. A single piece with a seamless design sets a standard for the overall environment. 

Restaurant tables: This stone gives a beautiful appeal to the top covering of the restaurant tables.

Laboratories: Laboratory technicians have to work with various chemicals. Unlike manufactured stone, natural stone worktops can handle the pressure to some extent.