Stepping Stones

Stepping Stone


What is Stepping Stone?

The stepping stone medium-sized stones with different geometric shapes generally used to create a pathway. These landscaping stepping stones are available in various shapes with which one can create multiple landscape design ideas. 

Add something special to your garden decor! 

Stepping stones provide a pathway to navigate through your garden. During rainy days or after watering your garden, stepping stones provide a pathway to navigate through your garden. The ease of installation coupled with creativity will provide an elegant look to any layout.


Do you know what influences people the most? 

The visual appeal.

Natural stones blend well with nature and hence becomes an excellent choice as stepping stones. One of the main advantages of natural stones is that they age quite beautifully to become an integral part of your garden.

It is one of the ways to keep the backyard green and fresh. These are easy to adjust on the mud as well as on the grass in the gardens or parks and add a decorative accent to your landscape.  

•   Garden: Stone Universe natural stone stepping stones are a simple and effective solution for adding pathways through your garden. We offer a variety of stepping stones in both shape and color to meet your design requirements. 

•   Walkways: Stepping stones can be used to create a functional pathway for your front yard or the backyard. They provide a safe path to traverse through the garden or to the front door. Our stepping stones serve a functional purpose by giving a solid place to step without damaging your grass and also add a natural decorative element to your walkway