Steps are cuboidal structures generally used as risers for places with elevation. The rectangular horizontal surface of the stone step is known as treads, and its vertical height is known as a riser. Stone Universe step is a single piece of solid stone that acts both tread and riser.


Natural Stone steps are ideal for outdoor applications. Steps are extremely durable, the size of the stone makes it sturdy and reliable once it is installed They provide luxurious appeal to the landscape unparalleled by any other product.  

Suited for front and backyard applications, it sets a strong statement in your landscape. 

  • Patios: Stone Universe steps are perfect for patios residing on varying topologies, they can be used as risers for walkways. 
  • Front Entrance: The main entrance is always the center of attraction. Natural stone front steps incorporate a hint of luxury to your landscape. 
  • Front yard/ Backyard: Access to the front yard or backyard may require a descent to a lower surrounding. Natural stone steps are the perfect accent to the walkway leading to the yard.