Thin Veneer


Stone Veneer is a thin layer of stone used as decorative material which is not meant to be a load-bearing. This Stone Veneer can be made of either Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone. Quarried natural stones are cut to a consistent thickness so that it can be used as a wall cladding. This is called Natural Stone Veneer. 

Natural Stacked Stone – Offers Immense Design Options 

When it comes to construction projects, designing is an important factor. Choosing thin veneer as a wall product opens up various options for designing.

  • Flats and Corners: Stone Universe thin veneer is offered in flats and corners. Flats are applied to the front surface of the wall while corners are used for a flawless transition to the adjoining wall.
  • Color RangeStone Universe offers a wide range of colors for stone veneer. From light to bright and rustic to contemporary, our landscaping company presents various natural hues. 
  • Stone Type: Stone base determines the inherited physical properties of the stone. The availability of natural exterior veneer in sandstone, limestone, and quartzite base makes it stand well to the test of time.
  • Shapes Available: Available in different shapes and sizes - square rectangular, ledge, antique castle, ashlar and dimensional is used in different design styles for either contemporary or modern architectures. The choice of varied shape veneer flaunts the dramatic look.

Thin Veneer – The Best Cladding Choice

The thin veneer can be used in thin sections because of the shorter span between anchoring points. Multiplane units like Column covers reveal window frames, parapet sections, etc are more economically assembled over thin veneer while enhancing the beauty of the structure. 

Stone Universe offers a wide selection of Natural Stone Veneer in the form of flats and corners to cover both the front surface of the wall as well as the corners. The color range from light to rustic and bright and rustic to contemporary, our landscaping company presents various natural hues.

Many of these products are further available in different shapes (Square rectangular, ledge, irregular and dimensional) to provide multiple options for the homeowner. Natural Stone Veneer has a number of applications.  

1. Sidings -If you are looking up to spruce up home’s exterior siding or looking for a change altogether, natural stone veneer is a great option as siding demand a highly durable product.  

2. Boundary/ Retaining Walls: Cover landscape retaining walls with faux stone or natural stone veneer for a beautiful & professional looking finish that adds curb appeal and turns heads.

3. Fireplace and Firepits: Natural stone veneer is resistant to fire and is widely used to decorate fireplaces and fire pits. 

4. Pillars/ Columns: Pillars and columns are generally made of concrete which is used as a load-bearing. Installing thin veneer gives it a better look while serving its purpose.

5. Step riser: Natural stone veneer is also used in decorating step risers with treads on the top of the stairs. These are most common for the outdoor staircase. 

6. Bathroom Wall and Kitchen decor: Natural stone veneer is also used in interiors on bathroom walls, indoor kitchen, backsplash or chimney and develops various other designs.