Treads are long rectangular capstones used on stairs, front door steps, wall capping, and pool coping. The length of the tread can minimize the number of grout joints for a flawless design structure. 

Additionally, they can be used as mantels and hearths for fireplaces. Three sides of the treads are saw cut while the fourth side is chiseled for a dramatic overall appearance.

Stairs are used to move between two different topological landscapes but are of great use in residential, commercial and industrial surroundings. So, there must be a feasible material for its decor. Natural stone treads give a perfect stone look to the outdoor entertainment areas and equally accents the indoor stairs as well. Stair treads are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


Steps grab everyone’s attention, either it's indoor or outdoor. Enhance the view of your internal as well as external stairs with this product. These are best suitable for the staircase. Stone tread for fireplace mantels and hearths are also a striking statement.

Interior Stair Treads

In-house steps are the reflection of the interior beauty of the place. Natural Stone Treads can be used as a decorative tool for the staircase in the living area. 

One can develop several eye-catching stair decor ideas using natural stone. Stairs with a landing leading to tile flooring can give a fantastic touch to the area. 

Patio Stone Stair Treads: 

Patios with different topology than the house are pretty common. Regardless if it is the front yard or the backyard, stone treads can be used as steps to access the different elevation gain or elevation loss. Creative ideas like where the ample space is used for building multiple levels of patios, some serving as an outdoor kitchen and other levels used seating isn't too far fetched. Stair treads connect these areas with an aesthetic appeal to please the crowd. 

Poolside Stone Treads

The treads can be used as coping for the pools. Aside from the traditional bullnose, modern look feature threads are becoming a trend. Natural stone stair treads give a fresh innovative look for a modern pool. Stone Universe offers a wide range of treads with different color, texture, and finishes for any given surrounding

Exterior Step Treads

Unlike traditional wooden stairs or concrete stairs, stone stair treads offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance

Do you know how front doorsteps are important? It serves as a center of attraction. Stairway in the outdoor entertainment area must be durable enough to resist the weathering conditions. The product which is fadeless and slip-resistant is only suitable.

Unlike wood stairs, sandstone stair treads with a railing or without railing depending upon the number of steps are perfect for outer surfaces. Building a stone step to a front door with flagstone flooring can add an extra grace. 

To give the stone appears in the public parks or gardens, these popularly applied on the top of the benches. Installation of various bushes or plants to the edges of a stairway provides a refreshing and colorful look.