Versailles 4 Size Pattern



Versailles Pattern is a combination of four different sizes of dimensional pavers arranged to form a pattern. The individual floor stone come in sizes 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, and 16”x24” arranged to form an interlocking pattern of squares and rectangles.

A total of twelve pieces covering 16 sq.ft comes with four pieces of each 8”x 8” and 16”x16”; two pieces of each 8”x16” and 16”x24” to form a pattern. 

Stone Universe Inc offers two type of Versailles Pattern - Paver Versailles Pattern and Tile Versailles Pattern. The basic difference lies in their thickness. Paver Versailles Pattern is available with thickness 1¼"±, whereas Tiles Versailles pattern comes in thickness ½” and ¾”. 

This pattern stands out from other patterns due to the unique way of arrangement of each individual paver. The positioning of the pavers/ tiles is flexible and is designed to break the repetitive patterns with standard square tiles. The Versailles pattern is also known as “French Pattern”

Looking to compliment your house! 

A good rule of thumb is to reframe your outer surface that enhances the overall look of your place. The flooring pattern provides design flexibility that a single paver cannot give as these combine with each other in horizontal and vertical form. 


Contemplate Versailles patterns for your flooring design ideas, the pattern is made up of multiple pavers of various sizes to create a distinctly elegant look for both interiors and exteriors. 

  • Patios : Choosing a patio paver is of utmost importance, nothing matters more than what is under the foot. Natural stone pavers are an excellent material for patios, it will set a tone for your house. Stone Universe offers a diverse range of natural stone paver patterns with different colors, textures and finishes best suited for patios. 
  • Sidewalks/ Walkways : A natural stone paver adds an attractive touch to your home design. Material for constructing paths should be versatile and add character to your landscape, Stone Universe Versailles pattern is an ideal choice for creating a harmonious outdoor design for sidewalks and walkways. 
  • Pool Deck Surrounds: Natural stone is inherently slip-resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for installing around the pool areas. The four-piece french pattern gives a distinguished look for your outdoor pool while the natural stone provides functionality and elegance.
  • Other Flooring Surfaces: Patterns are the vital landscaping product for room flooring or other outdoor entertainment areas like garden sidewalks, backyard, front yards. Stone Universe paver pattern can be used for both internal and external purposes.