Wall Cap

What is Wall Cap Stone?

Wall caps are the rectangle-shaped quarried natural stone that provides the perfect finishing touch to a retaining wall, fence or any other similar structures. In general, the cap is bigger than the wall to provide for an overhang. 

The exposed wall is generally considered unsightly, giving it a final touch to the retaining wall by using a natural stone wall cap drastically increases the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

A simple wall seems to be boring! 

The brick wall or the concrete wall looks so repulsive to the human eye. A thin veneer or a ledge on the face of the wall, and a cap for the top drastically improves the appeal of the setting. 

Moreover, if the cap is installed properly, it can act as a shield for the less weather-resistant wall. Stone Universe offers wall caps to finish your project the most elegant and eco-friendly manner 

Wall Cap Stone - Protective & Decorative

Dress up your wall with an SUI stone wall cap! 

Retaining Walls: It is suitable for capping all types of walls, whether it is a retaining wall, planter, seat wall or a boundary wall. Along with a wall cap, Stone Universe ledgestone and Thin veneer can be installed on the face of the wall to increase its decor. 

Fountains: It is perfect for the boundaries of the fountain, the chiseled edges bringing out the natural beauty of the natural stone simultaneously decorating the fountain. 

Stairway: The steps on the stairs don't need to look boring. Appropriate natural stone can easily become the focal point of the stairway. The chiseled edge adds a natural touch to your interior or exterior stairway 

Planter boxes – A decorative wall cap setting the boundary is not impractical. Stone Universe natural stone caps can make your indoor or outdoor plant boxes exquisite to your property.