Indian Bluestone
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Rock Face Jumbo Pattern

Indian Bluestone

Sizes Available in
Size Pcs. / Box Boxes / Pallet (Approx.) Sq.Ft. / Pallet (Approx.) Pcs / Pallet (Approx.) Weight / Pallet (Approx.) lbs
12"x12"x1¼"± LOOSE LOOSE 168 168 3000
12"x24"x1¼"± LOOSE LOOSE 168 84 3000
24"x24"x1¼"± LOOSE LOOSE 112 28 2000
24"x36"x1¼"± LOOSE LOOSE 168 28 3000

Indian Bluestone

Indian bluestone rock face flooring pattern features darker tones of blues and grey. Limestone flooring is well known for it’s a durable and hard-wearing feature. With natural finished top and chiseled sides, this piece flooring pattern is perfect for exterior flooring designs for both residential and commercial applications

Available all sizes separately. All 4 sides rock face.

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